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February 25, 2013

They do it all the time…..

Filed under: Bailout Nation, Credit Derivatives, Economic Crisis, Global Debt, The Financial Crisis, Unemployment — totallygroovygirlfriday @ 1:24 am

Bruce Krasting bought the recent CIA’s economic global numbers via zerohedge. Click here.

Bruce found these numbers very interesting and so did groovygirl. The numbers are provided by the countries themselves, so I am sure they are under the true numbers.

Take a look of that increase in global debt and credit. It increased by the trillions! Think about how that number is probably low because of reporting bias and the lack of transparency in the credit derivative market? Think about how much debt implosion is being covered to just break even, let alone increase. This is the greatest wealth transfer in history. Debt from investors to taxpayers and assets from everyone to the controlling corporations of the globe.

At some point the taxpayers will not put up with bailouts, governments will resort to devaluing or revaluing fiat currencies, faulting on sovereign debt, and/or use of pensions for government debt.

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