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March 31, 2013

This is me breathing

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One more scene from Gross Pointe Blank.

March 26, 2013

Note from groovygirl

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Groovygirl is feeling a little under the weather, very non-groovy. She will try and catch up on the posts as soon as possible. But for the latest on Cyprus, check out zerohedge or Jesse’s Cafe Americian.

Management phrases of  the last decade or so, which gg finds both sad and amusing, designed to “motive” the average worker:

  • “Work smarter, not harder.”
  • “Do more with less.”
  • “Bricks without straw.”

March 24, 2013

Gross Pointe Blank

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Groovygirl loves this movie!

March 22, 2013

Want to know where the new geo-political and economic lines fall?

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Follow the Chinese President’s tour. Click here.

An Education in Inflation

Once again, Charles Hugh Smith over at has expertly layout out what inflation and purchasing power are and how they can destroy your life and your savings and your investments.

Click here.

DO NOT INVEST IN ANYTHING, groovygirl means, stop what you are doing, until you understand these concepts thoroughly. You will choose the wrong investment and lose your money if you do not understand these basic economic concepts.

Even Big Ben admits that there is no new high in stocks adjusted for inflation.

“In the stock market, we don’t see anything that’s out of line with historical patterns,” he said, noting that while stock indexes are at record highs, they remain short of their all-time record valuations after prices are adjusted for inflation.

Greenwald just compared Obama to Nixon

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Glenn Greenwald in a recent article for The Guardian compares Obama to Nixon (regarding secrecy issues mostly). Click here.

Now why this is interesting to grooygirl is because Glenn is much more in the liberal than conservative camp. Groovygirl likes most of Glenn’s writings because, like Taibbi, he calls out both conservative and liberal administrations on transparency, out-right lies, free press issues, free speech issues, crony capitalism, and infringement on civil liberties. Groovygirl thinks it is on these issues that parts of the liberal and conservative parties will break away for a third-party formation. But, these issues must get so bad in the US that liberals and conservatives are willing to put other major disagreements on the back burner.

March 21, 2013

Jim Sinclair’s thoughts on the Cyrus Situation

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Click here for Jim’s thoughts on the Cyprus Situation via King World News.

Sinclair:  “This historic event is one of the single largest and most important in my 50+ years of being involved in markets.  It is as serious as what I have said, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is saying, ‘They are going to screw up all of my work; to hell with them, I don’t want to be Chairman when this hits the fan.”

In addition to Ben’s reference to his possible “limited” term, groovygirl also thought she heard him say that the DOW had not really reached a new high recently if you factored in the rate of inflation. What? Blasphemy! I don’t think that is something a Fed Chairman is supposed to advertise. Must keep the sheeple in the dark about that one (and the fact their houses didn’t really reach new highs in 2006 either).

Lots of rumors about Cyprus, its impact, and what will happen. Rumors cause panic and panicked people make poor decisions. Be level-headed. If you have taken precautions and protected your savings (as these types of things will continue to happen until global debt is reset by agreement or collapsed by chaos), this drama should be a source of mild entertainment, not panic.

Martin Armstrong’s thoughts on the Cyprus Situation March 21, 2013

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest release entitled Cyprus-More than Just A Debt Risk dated March 21, 2013.

Cyprus…do not miss this

Whether Cyprus happens as announced or not, it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry, they will get the depositor’s money one way or another. New Zealand and Spain are now on the bandwagon, too. Passing laws to make it legal to take bank depositors money to save the banking system.

Cyprus Banks now reopening next Tuesday. I wonder how people are surviving without cash or access to debit cards/ATMs for a week?

This is THE SHIFT to the next step in keeping the current system afloat, instead of letting it fail, during this global debt collapse. Pay attention!! Quantitative easing is over for bailing out banks. Taking cash to banks is IN. QE will be used for other things.

Ann Barnhardt and Martin Armstrong (and groovygirl) have made the direct connection between MF Global crime scene and this latest move in Cyprus. IT IS THE SAME THING. Your money in banks and brokerage funds is not safe. The current crisis is in Europe, so those in the US can plainly see what is coming their way after Europe is plundered and the system is still collapsing.

Need a refresher on MF Global. Eighteen months later, bankruptcy court may get customers 93% whole. Woo-hoo. Click here. This link includes details of how JP Morgan got MF Global customer money out of the country in seconds flat. That’s how fast you could lose your money!

If you do not have access to 100% of your money 100% of the time, it is NOT your money. If you have to wait for it to be returned, it is not your money. If you get a bond instead of cash, it is not your money.

Side musing: some details that gg would like to know on that settlement: is this just for customers that had cash in accounts or their trading accounts, too? What about those open positions that they couldn’t close for a week? No recoup for interest or investment return loss during the last 18 months, I am sure. What cut of that is for lawyers? And when do they get the money? Will the government tax that money as “income”? That would just be the icing on the cake!

Groovygirl can not repeat this warning enough times.

What to do? Some suggestions. Groovygirl would never suggest just doing one of these, but several. And don’t worry about taking all of your savings out of the system, just take some steps to secure some of it.

  • Have some cash in your possession.
  • If you feel comfortable, internet alternative currencies.
  • Stocks, but take possession of the certificates.
  • Food storage. (But buy things you normally eat and rotate out or you will just lose money.)
  • Physical gold and silver in your possession or stored outside the banking system.
  • Land. (This is for people with large cash amounts hanging around that don’t need a real liquid savings option.)

What savings you do leave in the system, spread over 2-4 banks/brokerages.

Pensions are next, then 401ks. In the US, those could be first, converted to treasuries for your “safety”, then the bank savings.

This is going to happen in the US in some form. Do not be fooled. It is a matter of time.

The 40-year Plan

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Relax, it doesn’t have to be 40 years….

Totallygroovygirlfriday found this 30-minute video very interesting. If you are looking for solutions and a way to get to them, this video has some great tools/suggestions (more than just about money). Click here.

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