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March 18, 2013


Well, this is certainly an interesting Monday morning. If they were looking to stabilize and create confidence in the European and global banking systems, gg thinks they missed.

This is just one more lesson in the past 5 years. Banks are not a safe place to keep money, you will be penalized for saving money, and saving the current collapsing system is the prime directive.

side musing: it also confirms what Martin says, there can be no conspiracy because they have no idea what they are doing five minutes before they do it. A well-thought-out plan would not piss off the Russian government. The powers-that-be are only reactionary and use every new crisis (whether they indirectly created it or not) as much as possible to retain power, influence, and wealth until it doesn’t work anymore. Then they move to the private sector and use their reactionary-crisis skills to destroy investor funds.

Click here for zero hedge comments. And here.

Update: seems to be going well…yeah right! They just extended the “bank holiday” to Wednesday/Thursday. Click here.

Another update: it just keeps getting more interesting. Problem is that Europe/IMF doesn’t have time for another option to bail out Cyprus, this was it (or Germany front the money…..) Click here. So more interesting than the Russian mob money, the citizen riots, and what this will mean for future “bailouts” of southern European countries is: what will they do in Cyprus, if they don’t do this?


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