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March 21, 2013

Jim Sinclair’s thoughts on the Cyrus Situation

Filed under: Economic Crisis, European Debt Implosion, Odds 'n ends, The Federal Reserve — totallygroovygirlfriday @ 4:13 pm

Click here for Jim’s thoughts on the Cyprus Situation via King World News.

Sinclair:  “This historic event is one of the single largest and most important in my 50+ years of being involved in markets.  It is as serious as what I have said, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is saying, ‘They are going to screw up all of my work; to hell with them, I don’t want to be Chairman when this hits the fan.”

In addition to Ben’s reference to his possible “limited” term, groovygirl also thought she heard him say that the DOW had not really reached a new high recently if you factored in the rate of inflation. What? Blasphemy! I don’t think that is something a Fed Chairman is supposed to advertise. Must keep the sheeple in the dark about that one (and the fact their houses didn’t really reach new highs in 2006 either).

Lots of rumors about Cyprus, its impact, and what will happen. Rumors cause panic and panicked people make poor decisions. Be level-headed. If you have taken precautions and protected your savings (as these types of things will continue to happen until global debt is reset by agreement or collapsed by chaos), this drama should be a source of mild entertainment, not panic.


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