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April 17, 2013

The Privatizaion of Everything….

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Very interesting development you may have missed.

Click here.

Obama’s budget includes selling the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority). It has long been an accepted policy that government, a “non-profit” organization should run public utilities, water works, roads, major transportation systems. In order for them to be built for the public good and maintained for the public good regardless of financial profit or hard economic times.

GG isn’t blaming Obama, any and all politicians are considering these types of moves, they need money to run government.

But this is getting expensive. Especially since major public works systems are reaching their lifetime capacity and need major improvements and repairs. All government, national, state, and city are having these upkeep issues. They also see the value in selling public works for much needed cash. It’s a two-fold solution for government budgets, but spells trouble for the public in the future.

This little suggestion is exactly why you need to know who owns, runs, and regulates you local public works. IT may impact future monthly costs and reliability. It may impact the selling price of your home.

This little suggestion is why brown/black outs may (will?) occur in the future and everyone will want a solar back-up system and rain barrel collection system at the very least. Private companies will service investors first, not maintenance, repairs, and customer costs. The reason for this is selling a house/moving is a much bigger deal than moving to a different phone carrier because of bad service.

All part of resiliency.


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  1. GG,

    My fears realized. We won’t have a 401K plan to even consider. Out benevolent mother, the US Government, WILL take over all pensions and 401K plans to ensure the success of our future! I bet the name of the plan will be something like “Lovingly Care Plan for Seniors”. sigh … should have fought to get my 401K …

    Comment by MikePhila — April 18, 2013 @ 10:27 am

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