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April 24, 2013

The Little Gold War

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Groovygirl says: ok, everyone, let’s just take it down a notch.

So, apparently there is a little gold war between Martin Armstrong and Jim Sinclair.

If gg may share her humble opinion, she thinks she has isolated the problem, besides the unintended consequences of a 140-character communication world.

Who is Jim Sinclair’s audience? What perspective does Jim come from? What has he done in the past? Now?

Who is Martin Armstrong’s audience? What perspective does Martin come from? What has he done in the past? Now?

Answer these questions and you will see these men are speaking from two different sides of the same coin.

Side musing: btw, you should be asking these questions of everyone you listen to: government, business, news organizations, investment advice, everything. Knowing who the target audience is will help you determine how information might or might not apply to your needs. It helps you to disregard unusable info quickly. So you don’t waste time and energy. This is called context. I don’t think they teach this in school anymore, just like they don’t teach critical thinking.

Martin advises large nations, sovereign funds, and governments. Jim advises brokers, mining companies, gold traders, and individual investors. These two types of investors do things for very different reasons and occasionally they may act in unison. And both perspectives are useful for governments and individuals to understand.

In his blog post dated April 23, 2012 entitled Failure to Understand the Commodity Market, Martin states:

Gold is a hedge against government for the INDIVIDUAL, but it is not suited for the big institutional investors who require income not capital gains.

And…could we all just get away from the numbers game of the what the top price in gold will be? No one knows what the top price will be… period. Jim’s top price and Martin’s top price and timing are places for the investor who is holding or trading gold to pay attention to the market for possible changes. It doesn’t mean it will happen as stated, it is guide post, a reminder to now pay closer attention. That’s how gg is using their respective predictions.

gg would really appreciate it if this little gold war could cease and we could get back to sharing real and valuable information in a financial-talking-head world. Anything else is a distraction. And that goes for commentators egging it on.

And that’s groovygirl’s two cents.



  1. Thank GG for this post!!

    Comment by Anonymous — April 24, 2013 @ 3:48 pm

  2. GG,

    Thanks for the insightful perspective here on Armstrong and Sinclair and thank-you also for providing a forum that allows us to share our views. I may not always agree with them but I respect them both. Armstrong’s global perspective on economics and the financial markets is truly amazing. If you think about it, how many geniuses do you know who are willing to share their wisdom and knowledge freely with the world?

    I finally got a chance to watch the “Secret World of Gold” documentary and thought it was outstanding. Very well done!

    Comment by sw — April 24, 2013 @ 7:06 pm

  3. SW,

    Thanks for your encouragement. GG really appreciates everyone’s thoughts on this blog. I completely agree, Martin is wonderful to share his knowledge for free. Jim does the same thing. Regardless of who you “side” with :), they know way more than groovygirl….

    I thought the doc was very good. I will post in a few days, maybe weekend viewing.


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — April 24, 2013 @ 7:14 pm

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