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May 31, 2013

Misc. News

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Syria is officially war by proxy. No denying that reality now. Click here.

Conflicting reports on Saudi Arabia says King Abdullah. First he is clinically dead, now he is going to Morocco on vacation? The King’s death could cause the Arab Spring to move into Saudi Arabia. This could be very bad for the status quo, the Middle East stability (whatever is left), and the (Petro/dollar) relationship between the US and SA.

Groovygirl is always delighted to see Monsanto get bad press. Click here. This is what happens when you play around with the DNA. You can not control/contain it after you created it. Imagine the possibilities with human DNA “modifications”?

May 30, 2013

John Williams of

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John has put out a Special Report. You pay for the detail, but here is the free summary, bold is mine:

– $25 Million Shy of New Debt Ceiling, U.S. Treasury Holds $16.1 Billion, About One Day’s Worth of Regular Operating Cash
– Since Onset of Expanded QE3, Fed Has Monetized 73% of Net Public Treasury Debt Issuance, Should Hit 100% by Mid-July
– Fed Locked into Quantitative Easing for Foreseeable Future by Economic Woes, Banking System Difficulties and Treasury Borrowing Problems
– Narrowed Budget Deficit Forecasts Reflect One-Time Accelerated Tax Receipts, “Dividend” Payments and Overly-Optimistic Assumptions, Economic and Otherwise
– Developing Washington Scandals Could Impair U.S. Dollar
– General Outlook Has Not Changed

Inflation-adjusted Dow

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Just a reminder of the inflation-adjusted Dow chart. Click here. And this is the official inflation, not the real stats from Shadowstats. Which is much worse.

May 29, 2013


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Click here for an article on retirement. The media is helping you to expect less and save more for your retirement years…..

May 28, 2013

Latest Blog Posts from Martin Armstrong dated May 11, 2013

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Click here and here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog posts dated May 11, 2013. Both these posts are about the gold market.


That derivative dragon is rearing its ugly head again.

Click here.

But after lobbying from financial institutions, the CFTC lowered the requirement to two banks. CFTC officials claim the standard will increase to three banks in about 15 months.

Why would the CTFC LOWER standards? Because the banks would be broke if these derivatives, that have increased in the last 5 years, were counted as even remotely close to mark to market, all banks and their counter-parties (insurance companies, Fannie and Freddie, pension funds, sovereign funds, you, etc.) would be BROKE.

Guys, the government and banks can modify all the accounting rules they want. They did the same thing up to 2007, and it did not keep them from collapsing and taking the entire system with it. It was then that the government stepped in and printed money, which they are still doing today. The next time around, it will be a bail-in of your investments.

May 26, 2013


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May 24, 2013

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated May 20, 2013

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitle Real Estate and Currency dated May 20, 2013. Another thing to consider in Real Estate investing moving forward. Good post.

May 23, 2013

Flash Crash

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H/T to SW.

From Martin Armstrong’s blog site about the recent flash crash in silver, click here.


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Interesting little post from Jesse over at Americain Cafe. Click here.

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