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May 3, 2013

Martin Armstrong Interview

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groovygirl doesn’t have access to this insider interview with Martin Armstrong on the FinancialSense Newshour, but if some of you do….click here.

Jim welcomes back Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics. Martin and Jim cover many important topics, including Washington’s need for more revenue, the future of the European Union, the current outlook for gold, the Cyprus banking situation, the pension system in the US, and how Congress is working hard to exempt itself from Obamacare. Martin also touches on economic trouble brewing in Europe, Japan and Argentina. As to the banking system, Martin advises to avoid large banks involved in proprietary trading and stay with the regional banks.


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Groovygirl forgot to link up to the latest and greatest LEAP 2020 report out of Europe from April 16, 2013.That was when gold was tanking. Ended up better this week, we shall see what the new temp trading channel is soon.

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