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May 24, 2013

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated May 20, 2013

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitle Real Estate and Currency dated May 20, 2013. Another thing to consider in Real Estate investing moving forward. Good post.


  1. Hi GG
    Do you still have link to RE report martin wrote while in prison? His forecasts before the collapse? I had seen a link here in prior times.

    Comment by naplesadvisercfa — May 30, 2013 @ 5:53 pm

  2. I think this is what you are looking for:

    Click to access A-Forecast-For-Real-Estate.pdf


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — May 31, 2013 @ 11:18 am

  3. Hi GG

    Yes, thank you for report. I wrongly assumed it was written pre real estate crash; it was post crash.
    . Martin looks for real estate tor turn down at the same time his economic model turns down in 2015. He is not looking for hyperinflation; he is looking for a turn to movable assets such as stocks and gold etc. and a move out of govt. sovereign debt. Pretty hard to see real estate turn down again as the recovery seems to be on fairly solid ground and flight of capital out of yena nd euro etc and out of EU countries menas a flight into real estate. Is this a correct description of the 1 to 2 to 3 sequencing of things?
    Lastly, I am looking for a coherent explanation of Martin’s false imprisonment as when I try to explain it, I fail and when I point to a web site’s coverage, it is overwhelming with all the motions and court docs etc. I think Martin is honest and Wall Street went after the guy spilling the beans on their behaviors…. but where, oh where, is a simple column that vindicates Martin?


    Comment by naplesadvisercfa — May 31, 2013 @ 12:59 pm

  4. Real estate in the US has to turn down long term because the system that has kept it moving for the past 60 years, the banking system and mortgage system are collapsing. Foreign cash will take the best real estate and the wealthy will buy for a place to park cash as not to lose it. And even investment for rentals will buy up some. But that will not help retain the system as it has been. That will just help from creating a complete collapse rather than the cycle low.

    The most important piece of the US real estate housing fall is that those coming up in the next 10-20 years will not even be able to afford a down payment or a mortgage. They have too much debt, bad credit, no job, and high student loans that they can’t write off. Oh, and that health care tax will not help either. Add in that cities and counties will increase property taxes to cover their own short falls. Owning a house will be too expensive, renting will become the better option.

    The US Real Estate Market is just not sustainable as we have seen it since 1950. from 2015-2032 the decline will continue.

    The only reason that real estate didn’t take a hard tank is that banks are keeping foreclosures off the market and bringing them in an orchestrated manner.


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — May 31, 2013 @ 1:15 pm

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