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June 4, 2013

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated June 3, 2013

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Click here for latest blog post from Martin Armstrong entitled Metals Market Recap dated June 3, 2013.

From the link above:

The month end closing for gold was 1392.60 holding the main Month Bearish while electing 1462.50, warning that yes we are still in a correction mode, but critical support is holding for now.

“Systemically Important”

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New lists coming out of systemically important banks and non-banks. Your investor funds in “unsystemically important” entities will be “bailed in”. Click here. It’s all here, exactly what will happen in the next leg down of the global debt collapse.

The Chart that tells all

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Charles Hugh Smith has yet another great post. Click here. But check out the first chart that shows the gap between revenue and expenses.

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