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June 12, 2013

Another Day, Another Manipulation of Markets Revealed

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All of these market manipulations have been to hide the fact that each system is unsustainable and imploding.

Click here from Jesse’s Cafe Americain. Surprise, exchange rate markets have been manipulated.

Groovygirl loved Jesse’s picture on this post of a scene from The Black Adder. GG’s favorite British comedy after Monty Python, but before Absolutely Fabulous.

From Jesse:

Markets have a significant role to play in the economy, and that function has been allowed to become warped and perverted through corrupt practices, with serious real world consequences, that accumulate and worsen over time, which we have yet to discover.

Groovygirl says: there is a tipping point in confidence in all systems, including financial markets, banking, and governments. Can’t be too far off. Tipping points are strange things. It takes about 20% to tip the rest of a culture or society… really is like a pendulum, like Martin suggests. The pendulum swings to one side and seems to suspend there for a long time. But then, once it hits a certain point, it gains heavy momentum and swings the opposite direction…fast.

Here is a blog post from Martin Armstrong dated June 12, 2013, circling around the idea mentioned above….click here.

Most readers have already lost confidence, if you feel alone, you will not be for long.


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