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June 18, 2013

Harvey’s thoughts on the COMEX

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Excellent read, click here.

Cyprus is the template

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Click here for the ongoing story of how the Cyprus bailout is really going. Punch line: Cyprus is selling its natural resources, infrastructure, and any other asset not tied down. This article also describes what is happening to the depositors, creditors, etc. Or, gg should say, preferred creditors ­čÖé

LIBOR was one guy’s fault

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It is simply amazing that one guy can manipulate the LIBOR rate for years.

Click here.

Maybe he should take over for Ben in January?

LEAP 2020

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New Leap2020 from the European perspective. Everyone hates the US even more now. That whole petro-dollar, reserve currency thing finally has some blow back. Whether true or not (it really is just the only end-game) the US PR is going negative, quickly. Click here.

Click here for GEAB N76 free summary. Second half of 2013 will not be pretty.

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