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June 20, 2013

Longwave Group

Totallygroovygirlfriday has linked to the Longwave Group website in the past. They have more and more free information and analysis on their site that might be interesting to some of you. For perspective, Longwave Group is in the deflationary depression camp and analyze long-term economic cycles.

Click here for the latest Insights from Longwave Group’s Ian A. Gordon. The chart on page 8 is very interesting. And the chart on page 6 is scary….

Here is a link to their full website, the right-hand column has links to other publications and posts.

groovygirl says: as you know, gg is still on the fence about a hyperinflationary depression or a deflationary depression. But one thing is for sure: this is a global debt collapse. A long-term cycle contraction. And that is thing that gg is concentrating on.

Many things will play out the same in either scenario. For instance, any market system dependent on debt for growth or sustainability will contract, fall, or fail (ie: real estate).

It is possible that both scenarios can happen or one can happen in one part of the globe and another in another (much like the last Great Depression). It is beneficial to study both types of breakdowns and their consequences.


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Wow, metals and everything else got slammed overnight. Groovygirl really likes that silver price for a buy to hold long term.

The Truth about Retirement Investing

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Click here for Frontline’s April 2013 episode about Retirement. LOTS of excellent points brought up in this documentary.

Should have gone much farther though, stocks, funds, and bonds are not the only investment class for retirement and savings.

Extremely refreshing that they actually bring up that fees can steal two-thirds of your money over time. However, probably should have brought that up 30 years ago…..

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