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June 21, 2013

Latest Blog Posts from Martin Armstrong dated June 20, 2013 about gold and DOW

Whenever the markets “crash”, defined as financial talking heads claiming the sky is falling at a 3% or less correction, groovygirl gets slammed with concerned citizens looking for answers.

It seems that Martin has also been slammed with questions.

He addresses gold here.

He addresses the DOW here.

Groovygirl says: Relax! If you are holding physical gold/silver, continue to hold. If you don’t have any physical gold/silver to hold long-term (10-20% of your total wealth), these prices look pretty good (especially silver). Do not trade gold/silver unless you are a professional and can afford to lose what you trade. This is what groovygirl is doing, you are responsible for your own investment actions.

Latest Blog Post by Martin Armstrong dated June 20, 2013

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Credit is Doomed

Charles Hugh Smith says what gg just said in the last post. Any economic market segment that requires credit to expand or sustain itself doomed.

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