muses of the moment

June 22, 2013

Chris Martenson

Click here for Chris Martenson’s latest warning on the next economic crash.

Muses of the Moments readers should already be positioned for this next leg down in the economic downturn. Martin Armstrong is calling for more volatility starting in August of this year and then a major turning point in October of 2015. The next 18 months-2 years will be very interesting.

We are in a long term cycle of global debt contraction. During this long contraction, all assets, whether tied to debt or not will be on sale during volatile market moves. Investors are forced to sell to cover debt (at least those not being bailed out by your money.

In these times, it is best not to have debt and to have liquidity to buy up tangible assets that are on sale at greatly reduces prices. AS we move along in this cycle, the greater the volatility, the deeper the discount. It’s a fire sale. It is part of the great wealth transfer during this debt collapse.

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