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July 10, 2013

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated July 10, 2013

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Another great post from Martin Armstrong.

Click here for ECM-Just Follow The Money dated July 10, 2013.

From Martin in the link above:

Each market and nation have their own cycles. It is when that lines up with the ECM that we can distinguish where capital will concentrate this time. Gold flips because when it is money officially then it declines with inflation and when it is a commodity it will rise with inflation. The 1934 was the low and the beginning of the new gold standard whereas 1998 was the bottom. The cycle still functioned, you just achieved a cycle inversion.

From Groovygirl:

This blog post has some old ECM charts that are very interesting. Especially that 64-year gold cycle chart from 1979. It has 64 year lows in 1934 and 1998. With a new 21 year gold cycle beginning in 1998, putting the next high in 2019. This is very close to the actual lows and Martin’s recent predictions of a gold cycle high around 2018-2020. It also supports the Longwave Group’s gold cycle of a low in 2000 and a peak between 15 and 20 years or 2015-2020.


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