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July 27, 2013

Latest Blog posts from Martin Armstrong dated July 26, 2013

Martin Armstrong has some excellent blog posts the last few days.

Click here for Gold and the June Low dated July 26, 2013. From Martin: “We are still not out of the woods on gold yet and the primary resistance zone going into year-end remains 1307-1432.”

Click here for Summers or Yellen dated July 26, 2013. From Martin: “The appointment of Summers seems to be in line with the ECM forecasts. This is something we need to watch closely come January.”

Click here for The Coming Budget Fights in September dated July 25, 2013. From Martin: “We will see a wild September and an important turning point. Both the US budget battle and the German elections are lining up for a very interest month on the horizon.”

If you are going to buy…

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….JP Morgan’s commodities business, make sure you actually visit to vaults unannounced to verify the balance sheet holdings of current customers.

Click here.

Tyler says it best: “That said, we are confident that the collapse in represented (but not warranted) JPM Comex gold vault holdings to a record low, and this news is completely unrelated.”

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