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September 14, 2013

Mike Maloney interviewed over at

Good interview with Mike Maloney on gold and silver, real estate, and the stock market. It is kind of long at 40 minutes.

Click here.

Groovygirl agrees with almost everything that Mike says, he studies cycles as well. The dollar value of the high price in gold and silver is dependent on the under lying:) currency. So making a high price call is hard to do. But, having said that, it doesn’t negate the fact that gold (and silver) will hold its purchasing power in the under-lying currency, so the actual price is secondary.

Mike wrote in his book that an average US single family home could be bought for 500 ounces of silver when the price of silver rose in its cycle and the price of housing declined in its cycle. That means that if you bought 500 oz of silver right now at $24 or $12,000, you will be able to trade that asset for a median single family home when the cycles cross paths. So, in essence, you can buy a single family home (that creates cash flow for you in the future as a rental or lease ) for $12,000. But the prices are not as important as 500oz of silver for a median family home. Mike based this 500oz number on past cycles. It is possible it will be much cheaper or higher, but you get the idea. These two cycles (one up and one down) are intercepting at an opportunity for investors.


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