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September 15, 2013

Stock Market Update with link to Martin Armstrong’s latest letter

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You will notice that groovygirl doesn’t have an old movie clip posted this Sunday.

Click here for DOW’s best month in 8 months via zerohedge. Could be a pump and dump coming. Keep a watchful eye.

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled S&P-So What Now dated September 13, 2013. He has new weekly and monthly charts. It looks like some major volatility headed our way. Be careful out there.



  1. Here’s an article on how the DOW “index” will be changed. Also, the article includes a nice summary of all DOW component changes since 2000. (IMHO, the DOW and many other market “indices” are increasingly meaningless indicators, other than perhaps to indicate an increasing rate of deception.)

    Dow Jones Index injected with epo and growth hormones again
    September 20th, 2013
    …”This manipulation of the performance of the Dow 30 has been going on since 1928 and it was further denigrated this week with a 3 constituent swap which will, in effect, assure that the Dow 30 continues to rise in the long term.
    On September 23, the Dow gets the biggest facelift since 2004 in one fell swoop…”

    Comment by Anonymous — September 20, 2013 @ 4:51 pm

  2. Anonymous,

    Excellent point!! The DOW is such a small index. groovygirl likes the Russell 2000 (or even Wilshire 5000) to find out how stocks are doing. And now with everything global, US indexes just don’t give a big picture.

    Thanks for your comment.


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — September 20, 2013 @ 5:53 pm

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