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October 11, 2013

US Dollar as Reserve

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Here is Lew’s response to the US Dollar as a reserve currency. He says that the world counts on the US’s policy of the dollar for stability.

groovygirl is taking an online course out of Hong Kong that tells a very different story. Asia thinks that the US’s dollar policy helps the US domestic policy and not the world’s stability and they are aggressively thinking up something new and improved. It is always interesting to get away of the US propaganda blinders to see what other people think. Although, they also have their own agenda, but seem to be very aware of the short comings of the current system and hope to form something that doesn’t have those short comings….

Always understand the CONTEXT first, then the CONTENT. Know the point of view of the author, teacher, or politician, then you can better discern the truth, no matter what the info they put forth.

This new currency move will end the prosperity and positive debt expansion that the US has enjoyed since 1945, secured in 1971 but the disconnect of the dollar to gold, and continued to be secured by the protection of the petro-dollar trade through the Saudis and their financial influence in the oil region. It is now Asia’s turn in the cycle.

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