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November 4, 2013

Martin Armstrong’s Global Market Watch November 2, 2013

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Martin Armstrong has released several global market reports. Be sure to read the How to Use The Global Market Watch to understand the charts.


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  1. OK GG here it is in writing … EXCELLENT interview with Armstrong!

    – Europe is a basketcase with Euro. No solutions available for governments.
    – Euro/China WILL NOT replace the US Dollar as the world currency
    – Institutional money (smart money) can ONLY go in to the US Dollar.
    – QE I, QE II and QE III did not work because the money left the United States (QE III mortgages did keep some in the US).
    – $ is the international currency
    – There is no place for capital to go
    – Banks need major reform (where they aren’t allowed to gamble other people’s money), then they need to regulate capital.
    – There is NO singular correlation to ANYTHING. You have to look across everything to know what’s going on.

    – Will occur largely after 2016
    – Interest rates will rise to create the boom
    – Debt to rise dramatically due to interest rates (70% of all US debt is JUST to pay the interest on the debt).

    – Gold will need interest rates to go up to fuel it’s rise.
    – Low possibly to hit in early 2014
    – If it breaks 1,000 people will leave gold in droves. That’s the time to buy.
    – Gold will then continue to rise most likely to 2032!

    – Will be with pension funds.
    – Issues will begin in late 2015 (2015.75) through 2017 or 2018.
    – Gov’t to possibly seize all pension funds
    – Gov’t recently passed the “Safe Act” which is the first step to seize pension funds
    – Gov’ts around the world are beginning to seize pension funds.

    – Only game in town for pension funds will be US equities
    – Major high (in DOW) most likely mid to late 2015, then a correction.
    – From here, a 50% rally up to a 100% rally!

    – There is no safety. Everything has its time and place which is why you have to monitor what is going around all over the world.

    That’s it. This was probably the BEST interview from Armstrong that really clarified ALOT of the questions that I had.

    Here is my take on what to do …
    1) Go “all in” with your 401K plan in US Stocks (NOT BONDS!!!) ,,, I’ll probably wait until Jan/Feb 2014 to do so.
    2) Buy gold and hold it through 2032
    3) If you get the opportunity, cash out on your pension and buy gold with it (at least that is what I would do)
    4) Don’t listen to any “experts” if they are only looking a single correlation economics. It just does not work that way. Remember this … a) Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, b) a broken clock is correct twice a day!

    Questions going forward:
    1) What happens after 2032? I believe that he in the past has mentioned a complete reset in world finances (Revelations scenario???)
    2) Where he says there will be no hyperinflation (“that is only for revolutionary governments”), how much inflation WILL we see?

    Any thoughts or comments from GG or her readers?


    Comment by MikePhila — November 5, 2013 @ 6:28 pm

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