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November 22, 2013

Some interesting educational items

Filed under: 401K and IRAs, DOW and S&P500, Stock Market — totallygroovygirlfriday @ 12:50 pm

Groovygirl gets newsletters from Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad) in her email box occasionally. One came in today that had an article explaining stock indexes that some readers may not be aware of. Click here and scroll down to page 3 to the article Equality for Everyone?

I know that people either love or hate Rich Dad. He usually has some good info and groovygirl likes him because he teaches you to think, not what to do. Groovygirl learned more about accounting from his first book Rich Dad Poor Dad than from any accounting class she took. And every accredited investor that she has sat down with, they all say the same types of things about investing that Rich Dad says, just not necessarily in the same way. So, if you don’t have access to a successful accredited investor as a mentor, Rich Dad’s books are a good starting point.

There was also a very good interview with Jim Rogers on Rich Dad’s radio show (about 40 minutes long). The link is in the newsletter link above.


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