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December 16, 2013


Click here for the zerohedge post about 2014 predictions that is making the rounds. Good info.

One thing that groovygirl would like to point out is that the debt implosion and currency reset and resulting depression is going on right now. Sometimes predictors use the future tense, these guys in the link above are better than most. We really should be using the present continuous tense (I am buying) as all these events are part of a larger shift process. Unfortunately, in English we do not have a sub tense, as some other languages do, that distinguish from a “being state” and a shorter term process state vs longer term process state. We must get that from the context. And if we misunderstand the context or it is unclear, we miss part of the message.

For example: I am buying gold. That could mean that I am buying gold continuously forever. It could mean I am buying gold in a present one time process sense (one purchase) and will stop that process in an hour, day, week, or year. Or it could mean something in between those two points.

groovygirl’s point is that we are currently in a global Depression, currency crisis, and debt implosion that is continuing into the foreseeable future. If you are not prepared for this Depression, you can get prepared now. But it will become harder and harder as the process goes on. (So start now, if you haven’t, and education is the first step.) And at some point in the future we will move out a depression and on to the next economic cycle.

When predictors say we will have another economic breakdown, people sometimes think they can wait to prepare or look for another sign post. Get ready now as best you can and continue to do so. This is a process of breakdown and reset, not a one-time event.

We are resetting now and continuing into the future.

Not we will have a reset. The reset started in 2001 or 2007, depending on who you read, and will continue into the future.

It is a paradigm shift on every level of global society and culture. It requires your continuous attention. Once you get it, you will see it automatically, get educated, and not fear. It is just a shift, we have had many others in the past that society lived through.

A reset in:

  • Economy: from dollar dominated global currency to something else. This is affecting all costs, prices, and profit margins, asset prices. Up and down. Debt implosion that is causing capital to hide or be lost. Reaction from government is money printing and higher taxes
  • Employment: going from employee jobs to a contract, consulting,  entrepreneurship driven “jobs”
  • Savings and retirement: redefining retirement in relation to economic stability to consumption to health care
  • Education: classroom to internet, debt based to cash based, industrial to informational
  • Housing markets: owning to renting
  • Infrastructure: new and improved to breakdown and lack of proper maintenance
  • Government and current institutions: central to decentralized
  • Wealth transfer: middle class to upper class
  • Debt based to more cash based economy, business, and investments
  • Peace to war

Short list: I am sure you can think of many others. And there will be many others that will be unforseen consequences of the breakdown reset and the reactions to it and the attempts to control it.


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