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December 18, 2013

Latest Blog Posts from Martin Armstrong dated December 15-18, 2013

Martin has some very good posts the last few days. Groovygirl highlighted a few of them here.

gg says: the common theme is the long-term cycle is in progress, but the final end is still in the future. There are up and downs between now and the end as the process unfolds. In every shift there is an ebb and flow. People/governments cling to what is the past/stable before realizing that the future requires something new/usually opposite of the past.

Click here for Time and Price dated December 15, 2013.

It is more WHEN the price is reached rather than the express actual number. BOTH have to be achieved.

Click here for the Yuan and the Death of the Dollar. Good one! dated December 15, 2013.

True, eventually all systems fail. The United States will break apart
and will crumble as a political union. That is certain. However, the
question is WHEN? Trust me. Not on this economic wave. That will manifest ONLY when the debt goes. That will happen ONLY
after the financial implosion unfolds in Europe and Japan. Then this
economic disease will spread like a contagion to the US economy.

Click here for How Lows Are Made dated December 15, 2013.

Click here for US Prohibts Production of Physical Bitcoins dated December 17, 2013.

I have stated before that the government was allowing Bitcoin to open
the door for the coming virtual digital money. Of course, they will shut
down Bitcoin once it has served its purpose.

Click here for the DOW To Be or Not To Be-Blowing Bubbles or Hot Air? dated December 11, 2013. Martin talks about international capital flows. This is a good one.

gg says: one thing groovygirl wanted to highlight is his statement that one reason that pension funds are fleeing from bonds to stocks because they must have a 8% return to survive. This statement reinforces the fact that pension funds are dead. Do not count on them. They will either not be able to get 8% plus or they will be forced into too many risky investments that give 8% or more and implode when those investments blow-up in the continuing debt collapse and reset.

Click here for Cyclic Inversions-Criticial to Understand dated December 18, 2013. Very important post!

Once the high was in place., the cycle INVERTS whereas what use to produce highs flips and produces lows. The target dates NEVER change – only what is produced!

gg says: Martin uses an old weekly silver chart as an example of the lesson at a time of the longer term inversion. But it is important to keep in mind that the inversion happens over all charts: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It is important to know what time chart you are looking at. A daily chart inversion may or may not affect your investment. A monthly or yearly one may have more of an impact. It depends on how long your personal investment cycle is. Groovygirl is a long-term investor, so she will usually point out and refer to longer term inversions and impact event.

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