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December 20, 2013

Warren E Pollock’s 2014: The Eye of the Storm

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Mr. Pollack has not disappeared. (Thank goodness!) He is still releasing videos on his youtube channel. He has several new videos, including this one for 2014 predictions, The Eye of the Storm (about 25 min).

side musing: a word about Bucky Fuller. gg likes Mr. Pollock’s views because he focuses from Fuller’s theories from The Critical Path. groovygirl loves Bucky Fuller! However, gg must mention something very important. Although Bucky’s vision should be where we focus, our hope. It is not guaranteed where we will be in the end. Experience has taught gg that people do not necessarily work towards what is best for them, even if they intelligently understand it and have the skills to achieve it. It is the emotional attachment to the vision that drives action and achieves the goal. Some people have an emotional attachment to ill-advised actions because of their emotional attachment to security, judgements, power, and traditions, even as they prove to not work anymore. So, in groovygirl’s mind, casting the vision is the first task. And when stable systems breakdown during this reset, perhaps, people will be shaken from their emotional ties with systems that don’t work and embrace sustainable systems that will work farther into the future. gg’s statements are not judgement calls, just information and observations. Things to explain why certain reactions and non-movements or retracing can happen during a reset period.


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