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February 1, 2014

Puppy Bowl!

Filed under: Odds 'n ends — totallygroovygirlfriday @ 10:31 am

Tomorrow, this Sunday, is Puppy Bowl X! Click here for the TV trailer and here for the line up and schedule.

(groovygirl thinks there is a another game on that day too.)


New International Currency

Jesse had an update on the new international currency discussion. Click here. A new currency will happen and the pressure is building quick. But what it will look like and how will it change global capital/debt markets?

Groovygirl is off the opinion, like Jesse, that a new international currency will emerge, and national currencies will stay the “same”. But gg is also of the opinion that this new system will not last very long because it will keep as much power/influence with the US. And that strain between the US and emerging markets and outlying markets will continue. This will be a short-term solution (2, 5, 10 years?). Groovygirl is also of the opinion that this new currency will not last, because it will not address the true problem: collapsing global debt.

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