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February 24, 2014

Martin Armstrong talks with Glen Downs Feb 20, 2014

Click here. A two-part interview, about 25 min total.

Martin brings up a good point. When current political governments are overturned, debt payments may not get paid. New governments want to give cash to the people, not overseas bank creditors or internal corrupt government/systems.


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  1. Look what’s happening in the Ukraine. They just came out yesterday and said that they are flat broke and are not even able to pay pensions. Because it’s an old communist/current socialist nation, that means that 90% of their retirees are not going to get paid. You think these past two weeks have been bad, see what happens when your government has NOTHING! We’re not talking about political change, your now talking about civil wars, anarchy, etc..

    However, specifically regarding the Ukraine, the Russians are NOT going to let that happen. They’ll invade that country first before they lose it to the EU. They have military BASES there. They have Russians living in the eastern half of the country. Russia will NOT sit back and just watch. You will see a proactive stance on their part in the short term. This is going to provoke a western response and a more formal civil war.

    Looks like WWI all over again doesn’t it?

    Comment by MikePhila — February 24, 2014 @ 2:20 pm

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