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March 11, 2014

Math is the language of God

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A commentor from gg’s blog, DB, emailed Martin Armstrong about a trend in Pi. Click here. Very interesting.


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  1. Perfect! I actually have questions about what DB wrote. DB … if you could help me better understand … I’m hoping that you could provide detail to what you did.

    1) “Ihave been looking at the eight cycles of mini rallies and mini corrections we have had in the S&P 500 for the past year or so (eight cycles from 2012-11-16 through 2014-02-05).” Comment: OK, I get this.

    2) ” I tallied up the total days (305) and was calculating the average days per rally (25.8) and the average days per decline (12.4). ” Comment: What clicked in your mind to even do this analysis? What was your initial thoughts in even doing this?

    3) “However, I then decided to calculate the ratio of each decline period to the preceding rally period to find the average decline ratio: 0.56875.” Comment: I’m poor at math. Can you show me the actual equation that you used?

    4) “Finally, I decided to do the same thing to calculate the advance ratio, dividing each rally period by the preceding decline period.” Comment: I have NO idea was an advance ratio is. Please explain your thinking here as well if you don’t mind.

    I appredciate any help you can provide DB. I often walk away from Armstrong’s comments with more questions than I started with. I’ve learned alot, but since my background is in IT, many of the financial discussions leave me with the feeling that I’m in the back of the class.


    Comment by MikePhila — March 11, 2014 @ 2:28 pm

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