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March 27, 2014

Repeat after groovygirl…

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“There is no inflation. There is no inflation.”

Click here for a very telling chart from The Burning Platform. But if you have been paying bills for the last 14 years, you already knew this 🙂

The really bad news for the rest of the world is that their currencies are tied to the USdollar, and the dollar has deflated against those global currencies. The rest of the world’s inflation is much worse than ours. Might be a reason for all those “revolutions” and “riots” and negative sentiment toward the US.



  1. It actually is the very reason for the rioting. When food prices rise above a certain marker of inflation.

    And Rickards has said many times that the US (well, the Fed) is exporting inflation right now.

    Comment by Jeffhalmos — March 27, 2014 @ 8:27 am

  2. GG,

    We hit quite a bit of culture shock awhile back. We raise our own beef and when we ran out and didn’t have a steer ready for the butcher, we had to buy ground beef at the store. I think it was about $1.50 a pound the last time we bought any. We were raising cows so we didn’t have to eat all the growth hormones. At the time, it was about a break even proposition. Now, we have sufficient pasture to raise a steer and send him to butcher for about $0.75 a pound, including final grain feeding, slaughter, and even an occasional bet bill, and that includes ground beef, roasts, and steaks.

    OT, Martin Armstrong is expecting metals to continue to sink (even with inflation going on). U.S. equities continue to rise even with the tapering of QE due to capital fleeing Europe and needing to hide somewhere. U.S. markets should reverse and metals should begin a sustainable rally on one of Martin’s key ECM turns: 2014.675 (September 3, 2014) or 2015.75 (October 1, 2015). If the metals take off, we should get that elusive phase transition that will result in the final high of our lifetime in metals (similar to the Panic of 1869, or Black Friday).

    You are an old movie buff. Have you ever seen “Toast of New York” that Martin has often referenced?


    Comment by Lemming — April 2, 2014 @ 11:41 am

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