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So, why should you listen to what a totally groovy girl says?

You shouldn’t.

The purpose of this blog to teach the average investor with a 401K or modest savings how to tell if a salesman is handing him or her a line. That salesman could be a broker, a financial adviser, a TV talking head, or the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Since they don’t teach financial education in school, start here. I present the tools I use and the information I am reading to help you navigate this financial crisis. This blog can be a starting place for your own research.

You are responsible for earning, spending, and investing your money.

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What I am not:

  • I am not a professional trader or broker.
  • I am not in the financial industry.
  • I am not fabulously wealthy.

What I do:

  • I invest my own money in long-term trend movements.
  • Therefore, I tend to be a conservative investor and extremely patient.
  • My goal is capital preservation and then percentage of ROI (return on investment), not dollar amounts.
  • I focus on Elliott Wave movements and long-term business cycles.
  • I decide when I am going to get out of an investment BEFORE I get in.

What I have accomplished:

  • During the last 2 years, I have made 5% and 15% annual return on investment. Note: groovygirl stopped almost all trading in 2011 and is long physical metals. She has some real estate (main driver of annual return).

What I believe:

  • I believe we are in the early stages of a second global Great Depression.
  • I believe this will bring about the greatest wealth transfer in history.
  • I believe we are in the middle of a 20-year bull market for precious metals and commodities.
  • I believe the US Dollar is dead in the long-term, which means it will purchase less and less. Learn how this will affect your stocks.
  • I believe studying the history of economic theory helps predict the downturn (or upturn) before it happens.
  • I believe financial education drives out the fear.

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Side musing: totallygroovygirlfriday follows Martin Armstrong, Alf Fields, John Williams, Jim Sinclair, and others for her own information and investing research. Groovygirl is not affiliated with Martin Armstrong or anyone else in any way. All posts are groovygirl’s opinion alone, unless otherwise stated. She is reading and commenting on Martin Armstrong’ s writings along with everyone else.


Side musing (September 2009): I feel there is enough evidence to issue a warning regarding 401Ks. The SEC is now further limiting the investments that a 401K fund can invest in (to protect investors). I feel that a 401K’s investment options are limited enough as those funds can only invest in certain stocks and equities. At this point in time, I highly recommend not putting any more money into your 401K and creating a separate account (for other types of investments) for ongoing retirement savings. I believe this limiting will continue and will not protect your 401K from loses. We are in the winter cycle of the K-wave. In the autumn cycle (approx. 1970-2000), 401Ks were a good option and everyone made money (or at least kept money). This is NOT the best investment option for the winter cycle. Please investigate this on your own and adjust accordingly. Here is an excellent (10 min) video on more retirement fund issues.

More very important 401k warnings in this post from January 2010.

Side musing (March 2010): there is now enough evidence to issue a warning regarding the gold (and silver) market. The COMEX and gold market price is a scam. It is now known that the price of gold based on the world-wide tonnage of gold is wrong. It is estimated at 100:1 under-priced. This will be revealed at some point and at that time, you will not be able to buy physical gold at any price. Therefore, have most (if not all) of your gold holdings in physical gold. Physical gold means gold coins or bars in your possession or in an allocated, numbered account in a secure vault. Preferably a vault that has regular video audits of the storage accounts. Have your gold coins and bars in several different vaults and several different countries. Click here.

Side musing (November 2011): there is now enough lack of transparency to issue a warning regarding financial brokers, especially commodity brokerage houses. Since news has come out about the MF Global bankruptcy and the long list of criminal activity with regulators’ blessing, that has resulted in at least $1.2 billion up in smoke, you must be aware of this new risk to the global financial markets. Click here for a post on this issue.

Update on the controlled bank implosion.

Voltaire said, “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – ZERO”.

Note on Martin Armstrong and Alf Fields:

Martin Armstrong is a master market timer. Alf Fields is a master at price levels.


This site changes rapidly, and some information may be inaccurate (particularly if it is very recent or very old). You should always check other sources regarding information found here.
Legal disclosure:
While we do strive to confirm all information presented here and qualify all doubtful items, the information on this site is neither definitive nor should it be construed as professional advice. All commentary is purely the opinion of the author(s) of this site, unless otherwise quoted from other sources. You should consult a finance professional before making any decisions based on information found at this site.

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