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February 19, 2014

Just a little midweek conspiracy talk….

Pam Martens with Wall Street On Parade has written a few very interesting articles. And groovygirl is still looking at those recent deaths of bankers and traders.

Click here for an article about the government’s investigation of the oil and gas industry and possible price rigging and control. Explains how banks rig commodity prices. Also explains where all that taxpayer bailout money went. They bought assets! Hint: you should be doing the same.

Click here for Pam Martens article on the recent deaths in the banking and related industries. And that reporter is still missing. Also explains possible bad long play in life insurance industry. Pandemic would probably help the position.

Here is another very interesting article on the mysterious deaths. (Read the whole thing, very good, especially that part about V.)

In groovygirl’s humble opinion: although, these are just a few articles, it is clear just from the revolving doors between public and private industry (clear for anyone to see on the linked-in profile of an executive) that there is a silent contract between public government and private companies deemed too big to fail. groovygirl does have one question. Assuming that government is “investigating” these shenanigans and are getting close enough to have certain people bumped off. Would not that cause the manipulating to stop, slow down, or transfer to another company/office/country? Why then have we not seen a drastic change in markets, since no one or fewer people are “manipulating” them. Such as LIBOR, currency swaps, etc.? Groovygirl would suggest there are some possible reasons for this: there is no manipulation at all, we are seeing the result, the government (or certain parts of government) is much more involved than previously thought and is now controlling that manipulation directly, or the same banks are doing the same thing and they are counting on government to look the other way while they “slim” their staff. Lots of questions, few answers.

Click here for a post from Jesse on Bear Sterns. The Bear Sterns and MF Global were triggered by margin calls.

January 30, 2014

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated January 27, 2014

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled Is It Your Money? Are You Sure? dated January 27, 2014.

This post is not about cash bank runs, but just moving your money to another bank(s). Groovygirl has talked about this before. Another bank crisis will happen. Martin suggests after 2015. And you may lose our money or not have access to it for a period of time (which is the same thing). Money you can not get when you want it is not yours.

The next global banking crisis will be a bail-in. And it will not be announced ahead of time.

Groovygirl has always shared what she had done to help with buffer yourself in this situation. Spread your money over 3 or so banks. If you need an international bank for trading or business, fine, but don’t put everything in one place in one country. Maybe one local bank, one regional, and one national/international, depending on the amount of savings you have.

As a result of MF Global, she also suggests dividing your trading money between 1-2 brokerage houses (ones that don’t clear at the same place) and do not leave money you are not using for trading in those accounts! Trading accounts are for trading money. gg knows this is a pain, but do you want to help protect your money or not? This doesn’t eliminate loses, but it helps protect you, since you must use the banking/brokerage system for business and investing. Some MF Global clients lost access to their money for 3 months to one year. And had to spend money on lawyers to get it all back.

Click here for an article about HSBC dumping small account customer. We saw this is 2008-2010. Banks also called in loans and credit lines. This seems to just be smaller bank accounts.

January 21, 2014

Prof Black…love him!

Another great video interview with Prof. William Black, economics and banking, on It’s about 30 minutes. Another must-watch!! Click here.

September 26, 2013

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated September 25, 2013

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled Deja Vu- Austria All Over Again dated September 25, 2013.

August 15, 2013

Latest Blog Posts from Martin Armstrong dated August 14, 2013

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled Gold Outlook dated August 14, 2013. Includes a ECM chart.

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled Bail-In Crisis dated August 14, 2013. This is a good one. He explains how to protect yourself from the next banking crisis. Which will be a bail in, not a bail out. They will cut out the IRS as the middle man this time around 🙂 You have heard this advice from Martin (and gg) before, but it is worth repeating, and repeating. You must take action if you have not already.

July 11, 2013

GDP antics

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In case you missed it, the US GDP for 1st Quarter 2013 was revised down from 2.4% to 1.8%. Click here.

This is the latest antics in government stats. Revise lower 3 months later when no one is paying attention. This 1st quarter “revision” is quite a drop and falls in line with John Williams’ real stats of a slower economy and no “recovery”.

Just a reminder, the bank stress tests are based on at least a 2% GDP.

July 5, 2013

Important information from Martin Armstrong (dated July 3, 2013)

Click here from Martin Armstrong on the European timeline. From Martin: “Once the general understanding that the German banks are really in trouble hits home, there will be no place for capital to hide inside the Euro.”

Click here for a prelude to Martin’s upcoming Asset Allocation report (coming out in September?).

From the link above:

We have received numerous requests from old institutional clients that they need help on asset allocation. Even the famous All Weather Bridgewater Fund used by pension funds is under water. The asset allocation modeling that we have done for institutional clients over the years is adopting the most dramatic changes how portfolios should be restructured to survive the 2015-2020 period. We are going to see a lot of banks fall. This will include some of the most famous names that will shock confidence right down to its root core. The currencies will go wild and we are NOT going to even see the standard Flight to Quality rushing to government bonds that dominated the 2007-2011 downturn.

June 22, 2013

Chris Martenson

Click here for Chris Martenson’s latest warning on the next economic crash.

Muses of the Moments readers should already be positioned for this next leg down in the economic downturn. Martin Armstrong is calling for more volatility starting in August of this year and then a major turning point in October of 2015. The next 18 months-2 years will be very interesting.

We are in a long term cycle of global debt contraction. During this long contraction, all assets, whether tied to debt or not will be on sale during volatile market moves. Investors are forced to sell to cover debt (at least those not being bailed out by your money.

In these times, it is best not to have debt and to have liquidity to buy up tangible assets that are on sale at greatly reduces prices. AS we move along in this cycle, the greater the volatility, the deeper the discount. It’s a fire sale. It is part of the great wealth transfer during this debt collapse.

April 4, 2013

Hear that?

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You can almost hear the cash being sucked out of European banks and being placed anywhere else. Click here.

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated April 3, 2013

Click here for the latest blog post from Martin Armstrong dated April 3, 2013 entitled All Government Acknowledge the Cyprus Model for Bank Bailouts Is It.

Groovygirl is posting this one, but there are other good posts at Martin’s website, because this is her focus for the next few months, and possibility beyond.

gg says: It is very clear now what will happen and a time frame. The next global debt collapse and banking system crisis will either happen or impact main street in 2015 (Martin’s date is October 1, 2015). It is coming. It will like 2008, but much worse. They will take your savings this time to try and save the system. And judging from the reaction in Cyprus, they will not announce it beforehand. You must prepare now, if you have not already, and have your financial plan in place before 2015. That is just about 18 months from now.

Update: and the phrase of the day is: Cyprus is a template. Jesse agrees. Click here.

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