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December 29, 2008

Financial milemarkers ahead

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Some new dates from the web:

This is for people living in the US for the next few years.

Have all in place by Jan 14, 2011, I have mentioned this date before. Gold up and dollar down, dollar down means loss of purchasing power for the dollar.

Hyper inflation could occur before this date, but probably just two-digit inflation. We are currently around 12-15%. Still 50% inflation is serious. However, people will still be able to eat, but not purchase items made/produced outside the US.

However sometime between Jan 14, 2011 and June 21, 2012, hyper inflation will occur with 3, 4, and 5 digit inflation (1000% or more). At that point people can’t afford food and shelter. Dollar will completely tank and the US and/or the world will be forced to revalue the dollar and create a new currency. During this time, commodities, tangibles (like food), and precious metals will be the only thing of value.

Once the dollar has disappeared and been replaced, it will take some time for things to normalize.

These dates for planning purposes.

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