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September 19, 2013

Andrew Maguire interview

Click here for the interview with Andrew Maguire over at King World News. It is on gold manipulation and the coming paper price end game. It is from September 14, 2013, it is about 30 minutes long, listen twice.

If you think you have physical gold (and silver) in an allocated account, you will be forced to settle for cash. If you bought in 2002, that may not be that bad. Otherwise, could be bad. It will be at that time that everyone will realize the true disconnect between paper and physical gold price and the price of gold will rise. Everyone will want physical, but you will not be able to get it! It will all be in Asia. If you want physical gold or silver, you must get it now.

Why do you think all these countries are asking for their gold back?

September 14, 2013

Whistle Blower at JPM says they manipulate gold and silver

Still no official word, but no surprise on any level. The fact that JPM is manipulating the metals market or that the CFTC is hiding it or the fact that the whistle-blower has an attorney.

Click here.

Detail, via Jesse’s site, about that slam in gold yesterday (Friday). They have slammed it all week. Click here.

August 30, 2013

Highlights this Friday Morning

Gold is slammed under $1400  in overnight trading. Read this and this and this from Jesse for some thoughts on why. Lots of pressure out there.

Latest from John Williams from

– GDP Revision Reflected Previously Discussed Trade-Flow Distortions
– Well Removed from Real-World Activity, GDP Numbers Remain Nonsensical; There Never Was a Recovery and There Is None Pending
– With Consumer Liquidity Issues Deepening, Broad U.S. Economic Activity Is in Renewed Contraction
– Fed Pullback on QE3 Remains Unlikely, Amidst Suggestions of Intensifying Banking-System Stress

And from Sovereign Man, via zerohedge, about what the Syrian Crisis might be providing a “distraction” for. Click here.  Interesting that Britain and France’s formally elected officials are not for intervention. Wonder if Obama has the clout with the American people to move forward “alone”.

August 12, 2013

Latest Blog Post from Martin Armstrong dated August 11, 2013

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest blog post entitled Aluminum Manipulation dated August 11, 2013.

July 23, 2013

Jim Sinclair

Jim Sinclair had some good comments on the recent move in gold and the continuing breakdown in the global debt market and its impact.

Click here for an explanation in the cash vs. physical gold market.

Click here for a longer term debt cycle timeline.

December 22, 2012

Real Stats from John Williams from

John Williams released his latest commentary. Here is the summary, you pay for the detail:

– GDP Upside Revision Was In Health Care (and Bad Deflation of Same)
– GDI (GDP Equivalent) Annualized Third-Quarter Gain of 1.36%, Followed Annualized Second-Quarter Contraction of 0.72%
– Weaker November Housing Starts Reflected Mixed Storm Effects, But Sharp Downside Revisions Were Pre-Hurricane
– Fed’s Inflation Target Is Just In-House Wishful Guessing
– Despite Boost from Hurricane, Durable Goods Orders Remained in Recession

Groovygirl can not turn on financial TV without hearing about a 2-3% increase in GDP. But the revisions from past quarters keep getting lower and lower. And we never hear about that on TV or the financial media. You have to dig around on the internet for that info. With these revisions, we are not in a recovery.

GG didn’t think about the false uptick in GDP that the new heath care law might create. But Supreme Court said it was a “tax”. But gg thinks it will be a wash. All the money that people have to spend on the “tax”, they will not spend on health care services or their own health. It only works if wages increase. Same with private businesses. And if they are counting on government spending on health care to make up the increase, it is again a wash. Government gets their money from taxes. It’s all a money shell game.

The Banking System has a 2% GDP tolerance level below which they feel the pressure of a 2008 crisis again. They are legally doing alot of creative accounting to hold their own during this “recovery”. It can not last forever.

May 8, 2012

Gold and silver

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Click here for Jesse’s gold and silver charts from yesterday. Gold and silver is still coiling and even this morning, still is within the triangle.

Gold and silver are slammed every morning, but recover in the afternoon. This is a different tactic from slamming the metals 30 minutes before the US close. Take note of this change if you are looking for a low daily buy, but only to buy physical gold and silver to hold long-term.

GG is buying some physical silver to hold long-term, but not a lot. The situation in Europe and Japan is very unstable, there is still a possibility that everything could break down (markets, credit, commodities, gold and silver, as everyone sells everything to cover losses.) If a breakdown should occur, it would be another buying opportunity.

If you are day-trading, trade at your own risk. GG is not day trading anymore.

April 30, 2012

It’s all they’ve got…a controlled uptrend

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Jesse’s long-term gold chart should make us all feel better.

Click here.

Update: this chart is especially prudent in light of the coordinated sell in gold this morning. Pump and dump during the day-trade, but clearly, Asia and physical investors take it up long term.

April 13, 2012

Mr. Butler from issued a post reflecting on Ms. Masters’ recent sighting on CNBC. Click here.

groovygirl agrees with Mr. Butler that something is going on behind the scenes or is about to break. The mere fact that Blythe was on TV at all (regardless of the context) is very significant.

Really wish this book was published in English. Do you think that will ever happen?

April 3, 2012

A couple of links late in the day had a good video/post on the SC State Treasurer’s report that there is silver market manipulation. I think that counts as a government official acknowledging naked short selling by JPM in the silver market. Click here.

Good interview of Reggie Middleton on Max Keiser’s show. They talk about a few issues, including the Muni Bond issue that groovygirl has posted about lately….Click here.

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