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December 8, 2012

It is what it is.

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Could we ban this phrase?

Groovygirl is a realist (if you haven’t already figured that out), but this phase seems to dismiss the emotions, dismiss the unfairness, dismiss the humanity. It ends the discussion. And therefore, no original solutions are explored ever. We become stuck.

(Groovygirl is a realist to the extent that she can understand where she is; so she can ensure she can get where she wants to go. If you don’t know where you are on the map, it is very hard to utilize the map to get anywhere in a safe and timely manner.)

For instance, financial corruption and the revolving door between big business and government in the United States. “It is what it is.” That’s very true. There is a reality to be dealt with presently in order to get along today and plan for tomorrow (IF things do not change in the short-term). However, that doesn’t mean the discussion about the injustice of that reality and sweeping system changes that will put an end to those events can not be explored. Explored, nay, change must come!

The system is clearly broken. Is our only response to say “it is what it is”?

Groovygirl is very anxious to get away from the “it is what it is” circular discussion. Such as buy gold to protect yourself from government stupidity. And move to the real issue that needs attention: the global debt system is collapsing, accelerated by the abstinence of the rule of law. How can we soften this blow for all affected? Who can we put in jail to illustrate how this is not acceptable behavior moving forward? How can we educate the public without fear on the real cause and effect of this collapse? What system will replace the collapsing one? A system that has proactive roots not reactive ones.

Let us not use limiting language that stops discussion of the real issues. Limiting language will insure the status-quo stays in power and no real solutions are implemented. It is wise to prepare for that possibility, but foolish not to work toward something more productive and sustainable for everyone.

The prophet: a visionary and realist at the same time. Usually attacked by both sides, unfortunately, the only bridge between here and there.

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